Traditional applications of our oils

Argan oil in medicines and cosmetics

Argan oil’s cosmetic properties:

  • it protects the skin from external attack
  • it deeply nourishes and regenerates to improve skin elasticity
  • it combats ageing with its anti-wrinkle action

Of all the vegetable oils, argan oil is the richest in vitamin E (anti-drying, antioxidant and anti-wrinkles).
How argan oil helps us… with its high content in vitamins A and E and linoleic acid (an unsaturated fatty acid), it is one of the main antioxidant oils.

For antioxidant, read anti-ageing…

Face Care

This precious oil may be considered a high-performance anti-ageing treatment that is also effective against the free radicals that cause wrinkles on the face and décolleté and against signs of ageing on the hands and the body.

Skin Care

Argan oil is particularly recommended for massages for all skin types, and particularly mature and dry skin. It can be applied pure or mixed with essential oils or other vegetable oils.

Hair Care

This vegetable oil forms the basis of many treatments, hair lotions and shampoos. It is excellent as a hair oil, restoring bounce, strength and shine to the hair and providing protection for dry and brittle hair. It also acts against dandruff and combats hair loss.

Argan oil’s medicinal properties:

  • it aids digestion
  • it has a positive effect on liver health
  • it stabilises high blood cholesterol by reducing the rate of bad cholesterol
  • it reduces hypertension
  • it reduces joint and rheumatic pain
  • it reduces cardiovascular problems
  • it has properties that stimulate the brain cells

Argan oil has slimming and regulating properties (take two spoonfuls daily on an empty stomach before breakfast).

In the kitchen, it is prized for its organoleptic properties. Argan oil, with its high linoleic and oleic levels, is recommended by nutritionists. Like olive oil, it contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids, but its clear advantage over olive oil lies in its high linoleic acid content, giving it excellent dietetic qualities.

Barbary fig seed oil

This has superbly powerful anti-wrinkle properties and is remarkable at firming the skin. Berber women use it for healing and to protect their skin from the burning wind of the desert.

Barbary fig seed oil extracted by our unit in Agadir is the most precious natural rejuvenating remedy. It is a real beauty elixir that slows the skin ageing process.
This oil is also recommended for breast firming.

With its light and non-greasy texture, we recommend that you apply a thin layer of this most precious oil to the areas to be treated (around the eyes, lips, wrinkles) then massage the whole face and neck to rub it in…