LABOCREATION is a Belgian company that specialises in the development and manufacture of high-added-value cosmetic products in compliance with GMP standards and COSMOS-certified by the Soil Association.

Thanks to the very close partnership between LIPIDINE and the Belgian company LABOCREATION, we are able to offer our clients all of our organic argan oils packaged in bulk, but also as finished cosmetic and/or food products. This collaboration allows for perfect traceability from the tree to the finished product with the strictest respect for the standards in force, but especially for the product and therefore the consumer. The cycle is very short and is unquestionably part of an approach and a desire for sustainable development.

Thanks to the experience and passion of its owner who is also a co-founder of LIPIDINE, LABOCREATION has several cosmetic market research and development specialists.

The manufacturing tool was introduced in 2012. It allows us to respond flexibly to the specific, original and precise requests of our clients.

This laboratory and production unit is located in the south of Belgium in Mons, near the French border, where all development, manufacturing, filling, packaging, quality control, logistics and distribution operations are carried out.

LABOCREATION is also our logistics platform that allows us to manage all the administrative formalities for exporting from Morocco to the rest of the world transiting through Belgium.

This partnership has several advantages for clients who :

✓ Do not want to handle complex administrative procedures in Morocco;
✓ Want particular packaging for their oils;
✓ Want to receive argan oil-based cosmetic products in bulk or as finished products;
✓ Want to receive their edible oils directly in bottles (100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, etc.);
✓ Want to develop something new based on organic argan oil produced at LIPIDINE;