Oil Mill

Our organic oil production unit in Agadir

The fruit is harvested in the Moroccan countryside, in the world’s only argan forest. The forest is managed on an ancestral and exclusively female basis. On organic-certified plots, the fruit are harvested and broken and have their pulp removed. This rural argan-based community ensures sustainable cultivation of crops, argan trees and their fruits.

From the moment the raw materials (kernels) arrive at our oil mill, we rigorously and strictly adhere to hygiene and to the organisation of our industrial processes in order to eliminate any impurities, dust or other element that could affect the quality of our oils…

Using our optical sorter we process only perfect fruit that are full of delicate, prized oil.

Our mechanical extraction unit, inaugurated in 2012, is very rare in Morocco. It ensures faultless, repeated and stable quality throughout the year and during different production batches. The oil mill has a surface area of 800 m2, dedicated exclusively to conventional and organic argan oil.

We are regularly audited by our current and potential customers and by local authorities (ONSSA, EACCE, ECOCERT, VERITAS, etc.).

Our organisation and industrial mastery are the result of much consideration, analysis and technical audits performed by Christian in collaboration with the greatest names in oil milling in Europe. Christian, passionate about methods of oil extraction, is constantly improving LIPIDINE tools to ensure that he offers top quality to his customers.

Our extraction unit is located in Agadir‘s industrial and small business park in Morocco.

The strategic location of our factory alongside the argan forest means we can take delivery and process the kernels. And we are placed right next to one of the country’s largest ports, allowing us to ship our products around the world…

We treat only the perfect fruits and gorged with precious and delicate oil.