Our Quality and traceability

To ensure perfect and full traceability, we work closely with approved local and European laboratories.

We are audited regularly by different specialist organisations and by our European customers. We work in total transparency with customers’ Quality Control departments and with local authorities to ensure faultless traceability.

Meryem, our Quality Control manager, will be happy to answer any questions you may have in this area. Existing and potential customers are always welcome to visit as this will give you an idea of our professionalism and thoroughness.

Our Labels and Certifications

We currently have several labels and approvals allowing us to export, to ensure our customers exceptional hygiene and to offer organic argan oils.

Moroccan Office for Safety in Food Products

For ONSSA to fulfil its objective of assuring safety in food products, it must engender trust in the consumer and in all partners. ONSSA drew up the ‘Green Morocco’ plan as part of its Quality Policy. To achieve these objectives, ONSAA subjected all of its departments (both central and otherwise) to a process of continuous improvement, in order to best satisfy consumer expectations with regard to safety, effectiveness, thoroughness, skill in management and clarity in decision-making, ensuring at the same time fair working conditions.


Ecocert was created in 1991 and is the French specialist in certification of organically farmed products. As the certifying body for organic cultivation, Ecocert performs on-site checks to ensure that organic producers and manufacturers are adhering to regulations on organic cultivation.

Organisation for Export Control and Coordination

EACCE is a Moroccan regulatory organisation that is part of the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture and Sea Fishing. It was created in 1986 following the deregulation of export sales of food products and its key mission was the technical control of exports. In 2013 it was invested with new missions whereby it would support the dynamic engendered by the ‘Green Morocco Plan’ and the ‘Halieutis Plan’ on the ongoing development of agricultural and maritime exports.