Producer of organic argan oil in Agadir (Marocco)


LIPIDINE is a Moroccan company based in Agadir. It was set up by two entrepreneurs who love nature, local produce and Morocco.

We specialise in the production of conventional and organic argan oil and also regularly produce Barbary fig seed oil for cosmetics and food use.

With our modern, organised and mechanised extraction unit in Agadir we can guarantee very high quality oil for both cosmetics and food use.

Through our close partnership with the Belgian company LABOCREATION ( we can offer our customers full vertical integration, from the harvest of fruits in the Moroccan countryside to the delivery of finished products rich in Argan oil that respect the strictest standards in place.

Our sustainable approach ensures perfect traceability of our fruit. We guarantee that we use organic fruit that has not been digested by goats. This guarantee gives our oils a rare quality!

Our aim is to meet our customers’ needs by developing a professional, robust and long-term working relationship. The first step to achieving this objective is the QUALITY of our oil, our industrial tools, our service and our team.

We are very active exporters and manage the logistics and administrative formalities for you.

Argán: un tesoro de la naturaleza …

Argan oil is a Moroccan speciality. The argan tree grows only in the regions between Essaouira and Agadir in south-west Morocco.

A rare, rich and generous oil is extracted from the fruit of this tree. This oil is a veritable concentrate of multiple benefits whose unrivalled effectiveness has served us well for centuries.

Argan oil is a natural essence, an elixir with precious virtues that are now scientifically proven.

Berber women, appreciative of its many virtues, have used the oil for centuries and it is now arousing increasing interest outside Morocco due to its cosmetic and dietary properties and its health-giving effects.

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